A new look for our Dough!

A new look for our Dough!

Hey guys, Danielle here! I wanted to share some exciting changes happening with our Dough packaging and give you a little behind the scenes look at how our new design came to be.

This spring we will be officially swapping our glass jars for kraft paper bags. You will see some fun prints hitting our website next month!

Why the change you ask? Let’s talk packaging…

I’ve spent the past year researching and testing sustainable packaging options. From glass, to plastics to bioplastics, one thing I’ve learned is that no packaging is 100% sustainable and each has pros and cons. 

Glass jars have been part of our packaging since day 1. While glass is an amazing option because it can be recycled endlessly, it does come with many challenges. 

Some of the downsides of using glass are that it is heavy, breakable (needing more packaging to keep it safe in transit) and the majority of glass sold in Canada is manufactured overseas, meaning it needs to be shipped a very loooong way! Our jars also require a foam cap in the lid to keep our product fresh; unfortunately, this cap cannot be recycled and there are currently no eco-friendly alternatives.

Our new kraft pouches are light, made of recycled paper and manufactured much closer to home (in the US). Though they contain a small amount of plastic, the total plastic used is 99% less than your typical play dough container. With over 100 million tubs of playdough sold each year, we hope to make a small impact in reducing plastic in this space.


As Little Larch grows, I will be sharing more in this space about our journey to becoming a more sustainable and circular company. 

Stay tuned for our new Dough designs launching this March!



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