Our mission is simple. Inspire creativity with play materials that are good for small hands and better for the planet.

Cleaning up the playroom.

My journey to start Little Larch began when I became a mom.

I was mindful of the ingredients my kids put on their skin and as I watched them play, I found it odd that nearly all sensory play materials did not include ingredient lists - after all, kids are putting these materials on their skin and having the occasional lick!

What began as an experiment in my kitchen has evolved into a passion for creating natural sensory play materials parents can feel good about giving to their kids and putting back into the planet.

Our products are proudly crafted in a dedicated facility in Calgary, Canada with plant-based ingredients and biodegradable glitter.

We share our ingredients because we think parents deserve to know what their kids are playing with.

Thank you for being part of our journey to clean up the playroom.

We're just getting started!

-Danielle Mossfeldt, Founder