How to use Potion Play with Kids

How to use Potion Play with Kids

Potion Play is a sensory play material that is designed to spark imaginative, mindful playtime.

This type of play provides STEM inspired learning opportunities where kids are given the opportunity to problem-solve, explore and stretch their imaginations. 

Looking to introduce Potion Play to your kids? Here are a few tips!

  1. Gather materials
    Find recyclable containers that can be used as cauldrons or mix tubes (e.g., empty water bottles). Grab a few different sized spoons or measuring cups for mixing.

  2. Set up a magical laboratory space
    Transform your backyard mud kitchen or kitchen table into a magical lab. Hang sheets for curtains, hang twinkle lights, and set up tables for measuring, stirring, and storing mixtures. Be sure to cover your space - things are about to get messy! Add some extra fun by dressing up in lab coats, robes, hats, masks, or other accessories inspired by Harry Potter or classic wizard characters.

  3. Read the positive affirmation on the back of the pouch
    Each Potion Play pouch contains a special affirmation to spark mindful playtime. Read the affirmation to help your child get into a positive space with our Bravery, Love, Wish and Silly Potions. 

  4. Experiment with the Potion Play mixture
    Little Witches and Wizards can experiment by placing a few spoonfuls of Potion Play mixture into a bowl and adding water. Watch as the potion bubbles, fizzes and sparkles.

  5. Encourage your little ones to add bits of nature
    Our Potion Play has been designed to incorporate nature play. Encourage your kids to get outside and forage for more magical ingredients (rocks, sticks and flowers all make great ingredients!). 

  6. Extend your learning 
    Our Potion Play is made with natural ingredients, including biodegradable glitter (this type of glitter is made of plants!). When you are finished creating your magic potion try adding it to a bottle and watching the glitter disappear over a couple days.

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