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Potion Play™

What is Potion Play?

Potion Play is a water activated sensory play material used to spark creative, open-ended play. Each pouch contains a special affirmation to help kids build confidence and engage in mindful, magical play.

How should my child use Potion Play?

Potion Play is an open-ended activity developed to build confidence and creativity.

You can start by reading the positive affirmation spell on the back of the pouch with your child. Talk about how the affirmation makes them feel and how they want to incorporate it into their potion.

Have your child add a few spoonfuls of the Potion Play mixture to a bowl or bucket, add water and watch your potion bubble and sparkle.

Kids can extend their Potion Play experience by adding more ingredients (flower petals, rocks and other bits of nature make great magical additions).

Potion Play can also be frozen after use to be used for another sensory play activity.

What age is Potion Play for?

We recommend Potion Play for ages 3+ with parental supervision.

How many potions does one pouch create?

It is completely up to you! Our Potion Play pouches have a re-sealable zipper. Use a few spoonfuls (a little goes a long way!) and save the rest for another play session or use the entire pouch for dramatic fizzing bubbles.

Can Potion Play be used in the bath?

While Potion Play is made with natural ingredients and does contain the same ingredients as most bath bombs, we do not recommend it for bath time due to the added bio-glitter. Glitter + bath time can get messy!

What ingredients are used in Potion Play?

Our ingredient list is too good not to share! Each Potion Play pouch contains:

Citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, plant-based colour powder (spirulina, annatto, beetroot, purple corn) and bioglitter.

Where can I dispose of Potion Play?

Our Potion Play is made with natural ingredients, including bioglitter that has been designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments. When you are finished with your Potion Play, you can safely pour the mixture down the sink.

Does Potion Play stain?

We colour our Potion Play naturally with plant-based dyes, including beetroot, spirulina, annatto and purple corn. Potion Play is MESSY and we recommend setting up a covered area indoors or sending kids outside to play. Potion Play may stain porous surfaces.


What age should play with Dough?

We recommend Dough for kids ages 3+ with parental supervision. Please note, Dough can pose a choking hazard.

Is your Dough gluten free?

No, but we hope to offer a gluten free option soon!

What ingredients are used in Dough?

We're proud to share our full ingredients list - nothing to hide here!

Wheat Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Veggie Colour (purple potato, spirulina, annatto, turmeric, activated charcoal), Essential Oils, Bioglitter (for Glitter Dough)

Help! I left my Dough out overnight.

Don't panic. Simply add a few drops of water or oil (coconut, olive oil etc.) and squish back to life.

Does Dough stain?

Our Dough is coloured with natural veggie dyes (including turmeric in our yellow and green dough)s. We always recommend using a play mat during playtime to prevent any staining.

Can my child preserve their Dough creation?

You bet! Leave your Dough out to dry for a few days to preserve your amazing creation!