frequently asked questions


How long does Little Larch Dough last?

Our Dough is made fresh and will last 3-6 months (or longer!) once opened if stored in the sealed bag.

How should I care for my Dough?

A few tips to care for your Dough and extend the shelf-life:

1. Store your Dough in the sealed bag it came in (ensure the bag is completely sealed when put away).

2. Play with clean hands on a clean surface.

3. If your Dough is left out and becomes dry, simply add a few drops of water or vegetable oil and squish back to life.

4. Store out of high heat and direct sunlight.

What age should play with Dough?

Dough can act as a choking hazard if swallowed. We recommend our Dough for kids ages 3+ with parental supervision.

What ingredients are in Dough?

We believe parents deserve to know what their kids are playing with and are happy to share our full ingredient list:

Wheat Flour, Salt, Cream of Tartar, Corn Starch, Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Plant Based dyes including Spirulina, Turmeric, Purple Potato, Annatto, Activated Charcoal, French Pink Clay, Essential Oils (Lemon, Lavender, Sweet Orange, Spearmint, Grapefruit).

What are plant-based dyes?

Plant-based dyes come from fruits, vegetables and herbs. We use organic plant-based powders to colour our products naturally.

Not only do plant-based colours have a lower environmental footprint, but they are better for our bodies and create beautiful, natural hues.

Does Dough stain surfaces?

We use natural veggie dyes to colour our Dough products.

We do not recommend playing with our Lemonade or Alpine Mint Dough on a porous surface due to the turmeric used in the colour.

What do you use to scent your Dough?

We use pure essential oils approved for children under the age of 3 to scent our Dough.

Our essential oils are sourced from a Canadian supplier and diluted prior to adding to our Dough.

Why don't you use artificial dyes or scents?

We skip artificial "food safe" dyes and scents and opt for plant-based ingredients instead, here's why:

1. Artificial dyes (even "food safe" ones) are made with petroleum, creating a larger environmental footprint.

2. Artificial dyes have been linked to negative health effects.

3. Artificial scents are widely unregulated and can trigger hormone disruption, headaches and inflammation.

Is your Dough gluten free?

We currently do not have any gluten free Dough options, but we are working on it. Stay tuned!

Where is your Dough made?

Our Dough is made in a professional facility in Calgary, Canada.

We are proud to work with a local, woman-owned manufacturer to ethically produce our natural Dough product.


What is Potion Play?

Potion Play is a natural, water-activated mixture used for sensory play. When water is added to the powdered mixture, it will create a bubbly, fizzing effect.

Children can use potion play for both indoor and outdoor creative water play.

Each Potion Play pouch contains an affirmation on the back; these affirmations can be used for mindful playtime, confidence building and self-reflection.

What ingredients are in Potion Play?

Our Potion Play pouches are made with natural ingredients and free of synthetic dyes or scents. Each pouch includes:

Epsom Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Veggie Powder (Spirulina or Beetroot) and Bioglitter.

How many potions can I make with one pouch?

It is completely up to you! You can use a few tablespoons of mixture and reseal the bag for future use OR use the entire bag in one play session.

Can I pour potion play down the drain or in my yard when finished?

Our Potion Play is made from natural ingredients including citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, salt and veggie colour.

Each package also includes certified bioglitter, which is designed to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural freshwater environments. The bioglitter we use is verified microplastic free.

When finished, you can safely pour your potion down the drain or dispose of in your yard.

What can my child add to the Potion Play?

Anything! We encourage kids to get outside and forage for bits of nature to add to their potions. Leaves, flower petals and rocks are all great magical ingredients.

Where is Potion Play made?

Our Potion Play is made in a professional facility in Calgary, Canada.

We are proud to work with a local, woman-owned manufacturer to ethically produce our natural Potion Play product.

Potion Play Safety?

Potion Play is a sensory material and not made for bath time or consumption.

We recommend Potion Play for children 5+ and with parental supervision.

Avoid contact with eyes.


What is Apple Leather?

Apple Leather is a vegan leather material made of up-cycled apple cores and skins that have been recovered from the juicing industry.

The apple materials are dried and ground into a paste that is then mixed with a small amount of PU and cotton to create a plant-based, vegan leather.

Our apple leather mats consist of 77% apples, making them a sustainable alternative to traditional 100% PU vegan leathers.

How do I care for my Apple Leather mat?

Our Apple Leather mats are a sustainable and durable plant-based leather.

Use a damp cloth with mild soap to wipe clean.

Where are your Apple Leather mats made?

Our Apple Leather mats are proudly made in Canada.


Where do you ship?

We currently ship to Canada and the US.

Please note, applicable US duties and customs charges are the responsibility of the customer.

How long will my order take to ship?

We ship all orders within 3 business days.

Estimated standard shipping transit time to Western Canada is 3-4 business days and Eastern Canada 4-5 business days.

Estimated standard shipping to the USA is 5-10 business days.

Do you offer YYC pick-up?

Yes! Our local pick-up location is Purr Petite located in Kensington NW, Calgary.

Select local pick-up at checkout and you will receive a pick-up notification when your order is ready (about 3 business days after you place your order).

Please check the store hours prior to pick up. When picking up, provide your name to the front desk.

What is your return policy?

We hope you love your Little Larch products and work hard to ensure our products are made fresh and of the highest quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it 14 days from the date of delivery. Please contact us at 

Please note shipping costs are not refundable. Any product returned must be in its original packaging, and mailed with the packing slip. Customers are responsible for return shipping fees.