We are on a mission to eliminate harmful ingredients and excessive waste from the play room. Play should be fun, but should not sacrifice our health, ethics or the planet.

Why does this matter? Here are some not so fun facts:

Making Change

We are not perfect, but we are working hard to make changes that will have a positive impact on future generations.

Our goal is to be fully circular; this means making products that reduce impact and consider the end of the product life. While our current packaging contains some plastic (98% less than competitors) we are in the testing phase of our fully compostable packaging and hope to launch early 2023!

We give back by planting 1 tree for every purchase and by donating excess product to local charities, hospitals and schools.

Here are a few other ways we're making positive change...

  • Plant Powered

    We avoid synthetic colours and fragrances in all of our sensory play products. Instead, we use organic veggie dyes and essential oils. These ingredients are healthier for our bodies and have a lower impact on the planet.

  • Innovative Materials

    We are constantly testing and searching for eco-friendly, innovative materials. We incorporate materials like certified microplastic-free bioglitter, Apple Leather and PLA into our products to minimize the overall impact.

  • Ethical Manufacturing

    We partner with local manufacturers to create our packaging, products, labels and boxes. Not only does this support our local community, but we can ensure our products are created ethically by fairly paid people.

  • Ingredient Transparency

    We do not claim our ingredients as "proprietary" because we believe parents deserve to know what their kids are playing with (and likely putting in their mouths!). Our ingredients are natural, plant-based and something we are very proud to share!

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